Documentation : Gem compatibility


First add the gem to your Gemfile:

  gem 'activeadmin'

Initialize Active Admin

Use the command below to initialize Active Admin. It would also create a user model named AdminUser.

  $> rails generate active_admin:install

To create a user model with a different name, pass it as the last parameter:

  $> rails generate active_admin:install User

You could also skip the creation of this user model. But note that in this case, you need to make additional changes in config/intializers/active_admin.rb.

  $> rails generate active_admin:install --skip-users

After the generator finishes, you need to migrate the database:

  $> rake db:migrate

Register your models with Active Admin

This creates a file in app/admin/ to hold any resource-specific configuration.

  $> rails generate active_admin:resource Post

To upgrade Active Admin, simply update the version number in your Gemfile, then run the assets generator:

  $> rails generate active_admin:assets

This command makes sure you have all the latest assets and your installation is up to date. Each time you upgrade Active Admin, you should run this command.

will_paginate compatibility

If you use will_paginate in your app, you need to configure an initializer for Kaminari to avoid conflicts. Put this in config/initializers/kaminari.rb

  Kaminari.configure do |config|
    config.page_method_name = :per_page_kaminari
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